Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eddie Nestor cancer shock

Eddie Nestor has cancer - Just announced on BBC Radio London today by his co presenter Kath Melandri. Listners to the show may have been wondering where Eddie has been for last few days, it turns out he is taking a break in Goa to prepare himself for the treatment which will start when he returns.

Eddie had been planning to run the London marathon this year but has been advised by his doctors not to take part. I look forward to him making a full recovery and taking part in next years marathon!

I'm a massive fan of Eddie and Kath, so it was a shock to hear the news. I wish Eddie well and I hope the treatment goes well for him. We don't yet know what type of cancer he has, I think that we will need to wait until he returns and is back on air so that he can tell us himself. I'll post more news here as I get it. You can find out more about Eddie and Kaths drivetime show at the BBC website

I've heard that one in three people will be affected by cancer, to learn more and make a donation to a very worthy charity please visit cancer research UK

If you havn't heard Eddie on the radio then you may have seen him in one of TV roles in The Real McCoy and Casualty. Eddie has a unique style on his radio show, with very well presented arguements and I love the way he deals with callers! If you can't get BBC Radio London in your area then I think you can listen online form the BBC website.

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  1. Hi there,just been reading about Eddie. Wishing him a very speedy recovery!