Sunday, November 12, 2006

The world of tomorrow

So what will tomorrows world be like?

If you look back 100 years, think how much the world has changed. Cars, mobile phones, computers, a few world wars, man on the moon, nuclear bombs, the rise of terror, the Internet, jet planes, large colour HD TVs, global warming, the list goes on.

So what will the world be like in say 40years? For most of us this is within our lifespan. Will the oil run out? Will we be driving electric cars? Will America have won the war on terror? Will we have been wiped out by a deadly virus or a big rock from outer space?

Sadly my crystal ball isn't working at the moment, so I can only guess. I know what I hope the world will be like. A world where technology means we only have to work a 3 day week. A world where we stop killing each other. A world where people are just 'nice'. No murders, no crime. A perfect world.

It sounds like a dream, but none of the above is impossible. Maybe if we all put a bit of effort in over the next 10 years we could achieve something wonderful.

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  1. You are quite the optimist. :) I would instead say that the environment will be worse off, we'll have more global warming, and more species will be eliminated. I hope not... I hope we see all good things in 40 years.